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PA the FI Way

Sep 3, 2021

Join us as Kristin Burton, MPAS, PA-C, CAQ-HM, shares her amazing debt payoff story. After PA school, she paid off over $161,000 over the course of 16 months! After her student loan debt was paid off, she and her husband decided to pay off their mortgage before she even turned 30yo. Amazing! 

Kristin is a critical care PA (physician assistant) on the way to FI (financial independence), and she founded Strive Coaching to try to help other PAs and healthcare professionals reach financial independence. She has created an online course called Money Boot Camp for New White Coats, which can help teach you the basics of financial literacy and investing right after graduation. The course covers job negotiation, strategies to tackle your student loan debt, how to determine if your money should be used to pay back debt or invest, and more. I wish that I would've had access to this course right after PA school!


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